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Thanks JimIsland, for the last hour now I've been checking out the XS Sights.....interesting!
Man what a selling point to have all the necessary equipment in the package for installation.
I'm not going to let you off easy just a question or 2 from someone that uses this product.
1.) Are they rugged....steel or plastic front sight?
2.) As practice and just to keep the edge. I start off at 65 yrds. and walk or run & gun up to 10 yrds., run ,walk ,stop,steady, and shoot. Shooting at a 10" round AR500 steel plate, will this sight obscure the target at long range. I guess a better way to ask the question. Can you hit a milk jug sized target at 50 yrds or further? I'm not being a smart-A-- , I would just like to know the limits of the sight.
I want to thank-you again for your time and help.
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