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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
Well, that depends on your criteria for judging.

The penetration of slugs through common building materials leads most people away from using them for HD
Penetration through test media that is comparable to human tissue as well as real-world examples is usually my criteria. If the penetration through common building materials were my concern, I wouldn't even use .22LR... I'd use 8 shot. But look at tnoutdoors9's testing. Only about 10 or 11 inches of penetration, even out of Remington's 3" slugs. Handguns in his testing regularly surpass 12, 13, 14 inches. And in my own very limited experience (I.E. one deer this year with the Remington load), the slug performed as tnoutdoors9's test indicated.

Now I'm not advocating slugs or trying to prove their superiority or anything... I'm just saying... they're not the engine block penetrators that everyone says.

EDIT - just talking about Foster style slugs here... soft lead. Not Sabot or Brenneke style.

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