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I run XS big dots on my g20sf, and the fact that they came with everytjing I needed to install them myself is what pushed me over the edge of buying them. They are metal, not sure if they are steel or aluminum, I wanna say steel. The front sight is big, so yes it will cover more of the target than other sights at distance. You can still be accurate with it though. Keep in mind that big dots arent for longer distance shooting, 25 yards and in mostly. There is a video on youtube of james yeager hitting targets at 100 yards. So Im not saying it cant be done, just that they excel at closer distances. You pull your gun and put it in front of your face to aim in a high stress situation, and all you have to do is put that nice big white dot on target and pull the trigger, and youre going to hit what youre aiming at. To answer your question though, I regularly hit soup cans at 25 yards without missing. So to extrapolate, I would say yes, hitting milk jugs at fifty should be pretty easy!
BTW, expired soup in cans is an awesome target for 10mm! They explode as though there was C4 on the inside of the can!
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