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Originally Posted by triggerjerk View Post
This will get the flames going, but I like the PDX1 buck/slug combo for home defense, ie short ranges. It patters nice and tight with poa/poi out of my M4 which has a modified choke. Anything past 15 yds and I would go for a Wolf slug or one of the wonder OO buck loads like the flite control others have posted about. I have also found the cheap winchester walmart value pack buckshot to pattern nicely out of the weapon.
Winchester PDX1 12 Defender (12 gauge) Gel Ammo Test - YouTube

I do have some of the new federal tactical #1 Buck I need to get out and pattern . . .
I have a lot of the PDX1 myself, and it's great for short range (15-20 yards Max) as you mention. I have however found that the Centurion buck and ball is more accurate (the ball) a little further out. Not that it matters for HD, and with that said I prefer buckshot (preferably plated, but I have no problems with cheap Remington value pack 00 buck either).

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