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Originally Posted by Roering View Post
None...I repeat NONE of the examples He gave in that passage involve a current mortal threat or even a threat of physical damage.
But even in times when Christ did encounter mortal danger he's response was never counter strike or aggressive defense. It was usually an attempt to reach the heart of the individual doing the attacking. You simply cannot support in any biblical way that Christ would have ever approved of carrying a weapon to harm others to keep them from harming you. It simply wasn't his style.

Your premise here is that getting slapped is equivalent to a serious physical attack that in order to ignore or simply allow to happen would be an act of extreme pacifism. Problem is getting slapped is little more than an insult.
That isn't my entire premise. You're reducing it down to the slap. Christ said to not resist the evil that people do to you. If they try and take from you... give to them freely. If they force you to walk a mile with them... go two. To love and pray for your enemies. I'm sure Jesus would have said to flee if they were trying to stab you... I understand your point... but in his entire teachings I cannot see anyone twisting them to mean he approved of carrying, and then deploying weapons designed to kill for defense. It's massaging the text to fit your world view.

If Jesus was afraid why would he stay in town? If Jesus was afraid why be silent when questioned by the Sanhedrin or when before Pontious when he could have gotten out of such punishment? Your reasoning doesn't add up. Why tell Peter to put his sword away when coming to His defense that night? The swords were not to defend Christ, they were to defend themselves. Loving ones enemies he certainly preached, but where does he teach pacifism???
Well this one boils down to a difference of opinion on Christ. One we'll never see eye to eye on. From my perspective Christ was more than likely mentally ill. IF he truly went around claiming to be the son of God then he was most certainly mentally disturbed. No one really knows for sure if he even said many of the things attributed to him in the Bible. For that matter the "Get a Sword" line may have been added by his followers in response to him being taken away and murdered. A sort of call to arms in a post Jesus world so to speak. From the time he took over for John Jesus felt he was one a mission from God. Much like nut job Islamist have moments where they absolutely do not fear death... Christ had his moments where he was ready to take a beating for what he believed. But in the end he's only human. And here I think we see him having a moment of weakness. It's the fact that it's so out of character that is compelling. The passage about getting a sword is absolutely contradictory to just about everything else Jesus ever taught. But even if you want to twist this passage into a justification for carrying a "Sword" you most certainly will not find any support from Christ for actually USING it.

Christ came here to die at the appointed time and in that appointed way. My future is not so certain. Being as Christ-Like as possible is to follow his teachings, not strive to suffer the same fate.
Again, this avenue of conversation is pointless. To me Christ was simply a man. He didn't COME here to do anything. He was a street preacher (not unlike MANY just like him at the time going around claiming to perform miracles and healings). IF he truly went around saying he was the son of God... he was mostly likely insane... or a con artist. But at the end of the day he was a social trouble maker and was murdered for the things he said. That's all.

What would God need a Glock for? If His instructions were to be given in today's day of age, I believe "gun" would have been substituted for "sword".
But you'll find no justification from Christ for actually using it. Even if you want to believe he instructed you to have it.
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