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I had one certificate entered into the system 10/2/12 for a Gen 4 G-20 and one certificate entered 11/14/12 for a Gen 4 G-35. Glock is quoting 150-180 days for shipping, I was informed in the same e mail that the Gen 4 G-20 will not be shipping for commercial orders until the end of January at the earliest. This information was as of 12-06-12 six days ago.
Well guess what showed up today. My GEN 4 G-35. I put 125 rounds of my handloads down range today.I think it's a "keeper".All rounds fired at 20 yards. The head shots were slow fired and the bottom 20 rounds were rapid fire for 15 rounds,drop the magazine reload an then 5 more rounds.I might have to put an RMR on it and use it in Unlimited.
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