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Originally Posted by raven11 View Post

the article said she is reviewing the past Supreme Court decision.

my hope is she won't appeal

for the Supreme Court to reverse the decision they have to rule the right of Self Defence does not extend to outside the home and with 49 out of 50 states with CCW I don't see the supreme court overturning the decision

the article also said that she is being groomed to be the next governor or senator of IL. if she appeals against CCW she loses the support of downstate pro-gun democrats and its not a guarantee she with will win the appeal which mean she loses the case and possibly the next election.

if she doesn't appeal yes she might lose the Chicago votes but Chicago / cook county votes for her anyways so why satisfy the fringe groups when you can win the base(undecided) voters
That's true. 2010 showed us that you can be incredibly popular outside of Cook County and still lose the governor's mansion. I think Bill Brady took almost 100 of the 102 counties and lost.

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