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Originally Posted by raven11 View Post
the article also said that she is being groomed to be the next governor or senator of IL.
Groomed? The writer at the paper really doesn't understand IL politics if he thinks she's being groomed. She's been AG for a number of years. Her daddy is the Speaker of the House and head of the Democratic Party in IL and has been for many years. He has the nickname Iron Mike or the Sphynx and he earned those names. He's very heavy hitter. If daughter Lisa wants to be gov daddy will make sure it happens. There was talk of her running for gov 2 yrs ago but she would have had to run against a sitting Democratic gov. The Democrats were afraid that such a move would split the party. Everyone felt the race was going to be close anyway as the sitting Democratic gov wasn't all that popular. If Lisa Madigan would have challenged the sitting gov then the Dems were afraid that would have split enough the Republicans would win.
Lisa and her daddy are both anti-gun.
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