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Originally Posted by 33rdglock17 View Post
It will be amazing if we actually get shall issue. I know my local CLEO is all for CC though so even may issue will work for me but I'd feel bad for everybody else.

The local chicago news broadcasts are already talking about how this will flood the streets with guns and cause "wild west shootouts". They just fail to accept that it is a gang/drug culture problem, not a gun problem
Tell the MORONS to look to Texas, Louisiana and Florida. Violent crime dropped. But they are parroting the same thing the MORON Liberals did in those states and it AIN'T NEVER HAPPENED!!!! But the MORONS will continue broadcasting BS to scare the sheep. OH LODY LODY DEM PEOPLE GONNA HAVE GUNS OH LODY

Liberal: Someone who is so open-minded their brains have fallen out.
Guns are not dangerous, people are.
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