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Originally Posted by malladus View Post
When my Father in Law cashed in his first random one, the gun shop he used had him fill everything and provide an envelope (stamped and addressed). They then took it all, made him pay the transfer FFL fee upfront and made it in. Took them a week before "the guy who takes care of those things" took care of it, and once the pistol came he hand to wait two weeks to pick it up because the "guy who takes care of those things" to actual be in during advertised hours so he could pick it up.

I got a friend though now who has an FFL and he just gives me copies whenever I ask on the condition I let him know when I use it. Only charge is he gets to fire a mag or two at some point. malladus
In SA, TX?

ETA- OP, delivery times on my guns have varied and as mentioned earlier, it was a factor of what type/generation I ordered. My 21sf was slow, my 32 was fast. I think it was because the 32 wasn't a big mover.
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