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Originally Posted by volsbear View Post
Not so coincidentally, I was talking with a couple of illinois judges today about the ruling. They seemed clear about the 180 day thing in that "if it's unconstitutional in six months then it's unconstitutional TODAY."

One added that he would likely grant a motion to quash arrest and dismiss a complaint on someone caught otherwise lawfully concealing.....not that I'd encourage anyone to test the waters.

Interesting. The Chicago machine has a hornet's nest to deal with. I don't think the attorney general has even offered a response to this yet.

There are going to be a fair amount of police officers in Illinois who might be perplexed by this issue.

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Though my reading of the opinion, they are is unconstitutional TODAY, however, provided the state legislators 180 to construct a CCW bill.

I would agree just about any judge, outside of Chicago, would probably quash such a charge in lieu of this decision.

If I were the downstate reps, I'd push to abolish that FOID card too! JMHO

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