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Originally Posted by EAJuggalo View Post
Under what IN, WI or federal law are they doing this? To the best of my knowledge the purchaser's place of residence is irrelevant for an ammunition or component purchase, without some specific state or federal statute to the contrary. Come to think of it I've never been asked for any ID when purchasing ammunition in Indiana.

isp, I seem to recall a discussion a few years back that ended with the State Police coming out with a statement that a CCW counted the same as an FOID for those from out of state. I believe the discussion had to do with purchasing ammo. Do you recall this or am I misremembering?
What federal law? I have no idea. What I know is that if I'm in Indiana or Wisconsin, purchasing ammo or power, and if the seller asked my state if residence, I am asked to show my Illinois FOID card. There have been times where my residence has not come up. On those occasions, the purchase was made without the need to show my Illinois FOID.

Regarding your question about a CCW card serving as a FOID, I am not aware of this. I've only had my Utah CCW for a few months.
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