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Originally Posted by Mike Bell View Post
had my wife order the Dawson Ice mag well today, should be here in Thursday or Friday.
Its a huge temptation to spend on hardware rather than software Mike. get the books, get some training, and you'll be amazed what you can do with even a stock gun and holster.

Particularly tune in to competition only forum. It's huge and some of the best shooters in the business are on there every day. Invaluable.


Ps--Pick up matt Burketts video 1-4 and How to Shoot faster. Your eyes will be opened my child. When you hit B class (and not one second before) get Brian Enos' book "Beyond Fundamentals". Before that skill level it will read like a Shao Lin temple scroll. After, it will make perfect sense. Trust me on this--do NOT read it before B class, it will wreckya.
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