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finally back in the German end of the pool

Went to a gun show tonight with cash in hand from the recent sale of a safe queen. Was hoping to find a nice selection of HKs to handle, with a rough idea of what I did/didn't want depending on how they felt.

To my surprise, I came home with what was originally a distant third on my list. As a previous USP (9c) owner, I thought I'd go back to that model in .40. The .40 has really grown on me over the years; it's just is a caliber that works well for me.

My other thought was a HK45c, having heard so many good things about it and being plenty comfortable with the .45 from 1911s and my G30.

I scoured the rather large show for a good two hours, seeing who had what and in what variants. I should have known that my first stop was going to be where I'd end up.

First HK I came across (pictured below) was a P30 in .40, variant 2 (LEM with no decocker). The sales guy must have thought I was a loon. I went back to him 3-4 times before finally committing, after bouncing all around the show, handling every HK I could find (USP, USPc, HK45c, couldn't find a P2000 though).

Wow. I know the sales pitch for P30 vs USP is improved ergos, but I had no idea a gun could be this comfortable. Still fiddling with grip panels and backstraps to see what works best, but this thing is pure joy in the hand.

The HK45c was a close second, but I don't think there was much question for me after handling the P30. Maybe Santa will bring me a 45c. (I've been good, honest I have!)

Off to the range tomorrow. Enjoy the pics.

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