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Originally Posted by Mike Bell View Post
I need some pros and cons for USPSA competition Glock gear for the Gen4 G35's.

I started shooting USPSA (5 or 6 local club matches) and have been using stock gun and mags with a Blackhawk serpa with the button

Oh yea I installed a Warren/Sevigney with fiber optic front.

And also did a trigger job last month, only way to improve now is with a complete fulcrum I would rather get some new gear before I move up on the trigger.

Id like to order a faster holster but Im hoping to use it for both limited and open. Leaning torge a CRspeed style.....

Im thinking about going with a Dawson Precision heavy magwell and extended basepads. Any issues with this set up?

I've got a Gen4 G35 I ran in limited for nearly two years. I would estimate round count between 32,000 and 35,000rds. It has held up flawlessly and I have never had any issues with it. It is one of the RAE prefix guns and I never sent it in to Glock for the upgrade.

here's what I have done to it:
Dawson Adjustable front/rear
Glockworx Magwell (I have both the heavy brass and the aluminum one, both the heavy and light insterst, ended up light,light)
Trigger job by moi.
Glockworx titanium striker
Dawson basepads
zev tech internals, springs, connector etc
zev tungsten guide rod, 13lb ismi spring

The gun flat out runs like a scalded cat.

My load is:

180gr Montana Gold CMJ
1.135 OAL
mixed brass
fed #100 SPP
4.6gr Hogdon Titegroup (my barrel is a bit slow)

Makes 173-176 power factor depending on the conditions.

I love the gun in fact, I am considering putting my SVI Infinity in the safe a while to go back to the G35!!

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