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First off, you made a excellent choice!

The P30 is has the best grip out of any HK that I've ever had period. Even my favorite HK45 takes second place to the P30 in the grip department! For me to say that says something.

While I like all HK's, the 45c feels great in my hand but doesn't work well for me in actual live fire. It's weird how that happens. I have noting against the gun. I was going to get one a while back until I shot it. It's weird how a gun can fit and feel so well in the gun shop but not work well for a person when they get it to the range.

I really wish they would have used the P30 grip system on the 45c. It would have made all the difference.

The P30 is my favorite polymer .40 of all time followed by the USP.

The P30 in .40 is very controllable and so far, is the most accurate polymer .40 I've ever owned. I still have mixed feelings with the LEM trigger in the HK's but it my favorite DAO trigger system offered in a polymer gun.

You can never go wrong with any HK.


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