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Originally Posted by NEOH212 View Post
While I like all HK's, the 45c feels great in my hand but doesn't work well for me in actual live fire. It's weird how that happens. I have noting against the gun. I was going to get one a while back until I shot it. It's weird how a gun can fit and feel so well in the gun shop but not work well for a person when they get it to the range.
What's even stranger is that I'm the exact opposite from you Deanna - LoL!

The P30 feels great in my hand, but doesn't work well in live fire.
I'm not crazy about the texture.
And the grips are too narrow and twist in my hand.
I added Hogue rubber finger groove sleeve and that solved the problem.

But HK45C at the range is nothing but sweet.
That conventional, flat, sort of 1911 angle, grip just works.

We really have to shoot a gun to get to know it.
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