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Originally Posted by scottyd2506 View Post
True, Even Marshal lists the 357 magnum and 45 acp as the tops rounds. both have 2 different bullets that have one shot stops of 96%
Yet Marshal list the 9mm best load at 91% and then puts the Federal 125 357 sig as the best 357 sig load at 92%. a mediocore load.

Yet Why doesn't Marshal list any of the loads the police have been having success with, the Speer gold dots?

Does not the Texas DPS police have like a 100% success rate with this load, and Delaware has 99%..

Yet Marshal completely ignores this data. I have heard "well it's a new caliber and data will take awhile to gather, yet the Texas DPS police has been using this bullet load for almost "20 years".. -1994-
is this caliber and load so good that he is biased against the 357 sig, compared to what he carries and spent his $$ on already.

take care
Evan isn't biased against the .357. As a matter of fact, he carries the .357 presently. See

He isn't collecting data anymore.
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