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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
Like GLocks! I here all the time how reliable yet see a lot of failures @ the IDPA level. Anything mechanical can fail, but better engineering & mat'ls. limits failure.
It's probably operator error at an IDPA match. Everybody dicking around with their gun, even in a league where modifications aren't allowed, and then making 125.0001 PF to boot.

Stock Glocks work perfectly until they break. Small parts do break and they cost $3.00 to replace. There are millions of Glocks in service, and I bet 90% of the malfuntions occur on an IDPA or similar range. Or when in the hands of middle aged, clandestine operating, Blackhawk Serpa wearing, coportate middle managers at gun clubs.

But, this is true of any gun. I've seen revolvers lock up etc and I could tell just by looking at the guy holding it that it was not Smith and Wesson's fault.
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