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As we approach a milestone an idea has popped into my furry brain. No doubt this is a reflection of the fourth Red Bull of the day but it might be worth considering.

It would be possible to employ the Tardis to journey back in time to the beginning of the thread and create a sort of "reversed and double twisted, "Time capsule" of sorts and insert a page of posts into the beginning of the thread wherein the current denizens could "write their name on the wall" as it were and make predictions about the course of the thread. Now in the case of lowly late arriving serfs such as myself it would induce much confusion to those who might be trying to follow the course if we had posts in the thread that pre-dated our membership in GT in general. The predictions would also be so eerily accurate that it might induce a sense (very deserved anyway) of awe at the powers of the organization. Those of lesser or short and weak caliber minds would be no doubt amazed.
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