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Leftyjp: I checked out one of the local Shoot Straight ranges Saturday. You're right! They are the shiz!

First, I wanted my my new rear sights zeroed in. Gunsmith takes my piece, disappears behind a door and I start shootin' the bull with the customers. The gunsmith comes out, hands me my piece, nods, and walks away. I say, "Hey! What do I owe you?" He sez: Nothing. He wouldn't take a tip, either!

Then I went over to get a lane. So I figgered, let's see what I can learn from these young guys. One of their guys gave me 15 - 20 minutes of personal instruction -- he didn't much care for the grip I learned in the Marines.

Anyway, once he saw I was on my way, he withdrew and I fired off the rest of the 100 rounds I had.

Bottom line: I got my rear sights adjusted, got a nice bit of one-on-one instruction, blasted off 100 rounds, and the total cost was $15.23.

Oh, and that includes two targets!

(But not my ammo.)
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