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Originally Posted by Zombie Steve View Post
I don't load 10mm, but 7.6 grains of Unique sure seems like an awful lot for a 165 grain bullet. A quick glance at Sierra shows 7.1 grains max, and Lyman 49 shows 7.3 grains. No surprise it's snappy.

As much as I love Unique, it's a little fast burning once you get past normal service cartridges like 9mm, .45 auto, .40, et cetera. I would seriously consider a slower powder like Blue Dot, AA#9 or 800X for full power 10mm.
I have confirmed the loading data and also checked for pressure signs, it's fine. However, I will be switching to Blue or AA#9 for mid to hot loads. I used Blue Dot back in the 90s when I bought my first 10mm (S&W1006) and it work great. So there will be more load development with a 180gr bullet and AA or Blue powder. I want a load that will work in both of my 10mm so I don't have to have two different loads.
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