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Don't bother wasting your time, scccdoc. The resident atheists here are delusional. They have a chronic obsession with slinging crap at religion, especially Christians.
They ignore the fact that far more atrocities throughtout history have been due to secular reasons. Human nature is the cause. Human nature has corrupted religion just as it has corrupted science. Science has achieved many great things, but it also has a dark side. How many ways to destroy life is rooted in science? Nuclear/bio/chemical weapons is a good start. But noooo... you can't tell that to an emotionally disturbed atheist. They will try to find a way to blame Christians. Twist, distort, misrepresent, lie, whatever it takes to give them some sort of satisfaction. False as it is.
They think they're accomplishing something, but they can delude themselves all they want, they continue to fail.
I could go on for hours on secular humanism about wars, murders, mass shootings, and a long list of corrupt and criminal activities none of which are connected to Christians, Jews, and even Muslims.

This pretty much illustrates the attitude some here

A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be - Albert Einstein
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