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Originally Posted by scccdoc View Post
And this doesn't occur in the atheist worldview? No dysfunctional atheists?
Never said that, of course there are dysfunctional atheists. They are just less likely to use their worldview as a crutch for their dysfunction.

So you're saying "no Christians" take responsibility for their situation now? C'mon Geko, you know better than to make a statement like that.
I do know better than that, which is why I didn't say it. I said that I've known to many that don't take responsibility. That's very different than saying none do.

I understand your disbelief, but is it necessary for you to demean my beliefs as "daydream". Certainly you are more articulate than resorting to childish banter. But then again it seems to be the norm for this forum..............too bad.
I'm sorry that you take offense, but the word is used in the correct context. It's all just an elaborate fairytale, myth, daydream, self-delusion, whatever you want to call it. It describes events and occurances that are known to not be possible in this world. It is no different than any other myth system of present or past history. Believing in it strongly does not change that.
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