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So why do so many unbelievers call out to our God when there is a big tragedy in theirs and others lives? Or fear reigns in their minds?

Oh my God!!,
Jesus Christ!
God Almighty!
God damn you!
Send me some prayers I, my family, my friend, Buddy, our country, my dog; cat; kid, loved one, adnauseum, need prayers so badly!

Sorry people, you betray yourselves. When you are in your weakness everyone of you call on the most powerful name you can speak to relieve you of your drama.

I see it here all the time and have even called a few on thier abusive language a time or two.

Some of you use Angels, some, with dropped wings. Aren't these a Christian symbol? How many of you wear Crosses and know not what that even means?

C'mon now boys and girls lets play fair.
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