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Originally Posted by NoJoy View Post
Does anyone know what the weight of the outer recoil spring is on the duel recoil spring setup of the Gen 4 21? I wonder if it is the same weight of the Gen 4 20. If the Gen 4 20 can support full power 10mm loads, then the Gen 4 21 should be able to shoot 45 Super without any mods. (Unless you want to swap out the stock barrel for a Lone Wolf or KKM)
I'm not sure but the springs in my G4 22 are much stronger than those in my G4 21.

Originally Posted by NoJoy View Post
Cool. If the recoil spring set-up is not the same in the Gen4 21, then I should be able to swap out the 21 duel recoil spring for the 20 duel recoil one right?
Exact dimensions so they can be swapped. The 22 RSA is just shy of the length of 21 and 20 RSA. The 20 and 21 RSA's will work in the 22 however. The inner spring guide sticks out a bit but will function 100%.
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