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Originally Posted by scccdoc View Post
That's the point, neither can prove, therefore his opinion is no more valid than mine.So why be offensive about it?
You miss the point. That which cannot be proven false is not necessarily true. Am I God simply because you cannot prove I'm not? Is there life on Mars because I can't prove there isn't? Was God an ancient alien from outer space because no one can prove he wasn't? This type of argument is illogical.

Until I can prove my point, my point is as false as yours, not as true. Neither point is true until one of us can show a probability that it is more likely to be true than false. Until such time, both points are equally false.

I'm not being offensive. We've been over this in this forum more times than I can remember. I'm just tired of seeing the same logically flawed argument ad infinitum as though it has some merit.
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