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If I'm not mistaken, a federal court ruled that the branch davidians committed no crime when those 4 atf agents were killed because the executed the warrant improperly, thus illegally, and the compound residents actually had the right to defend themselves because no one in the atf initially identified themselves as Leos. Further, that dude that was attorney general at the time was disciplined before senate hearing committee for using national guard armaments against US citizens, which by the way is a crime.

I don't believe all atf is bad, but you could not have been there for all of it to be able to say that they acted 100% appropriately in their actions. It's tragic, to be sure, that anyone got killed, including the agents, but they acted stupidly and brought it on themselves, just as you say Koresh did. I won't even bring up the infrared aerial surveillance video that shows canisters being lobbed into the structures seconds before the infernoes erupted.

You're loyal to your organization, and that's awesome... but using ruby ridge as a point maker... probably should have left that one out. The atf committed murder and janet reno authorized it during that siege... its indisputable. The only ones held accountable... branch davidians.
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