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Originally Posted by scccdoc View Post
Well, by your admission, " Only theists deal in absolutes.." is not true . If you are wrong about that, you could be wrong about other things!
You're not to good at picking up on sarcasm are you?

I'm glad Einstein didn't "limit" himself to what is known", or George Washington Carver, or Bill Gates..........................
No, you don't get to put your book of myths on the same shelf as scientific research and engineering. Your book goes over there with Torah, Koran, Greek/Roman and Norse mythology.

I'm glad others organ transplants, stem cell research, etc
Again, you don't get to place superstition on the same level as medical science. My nephew was killed last year in a car accident. His organs saved eight different people. That was made possible through science, not religion. Most theists originally opposed organ transplants as supposedly going against god's will. Religion is a net drag on science. Religion is the main factor holding back stem cell research right now.
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