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Originally Posted by scccdoc View Post
It is not proven it is a book of myths. I guess people considered it a myth to travel into outer space at one time........
There you go again. World wide floods, talking snakes, 900 year old men, a virgin birth, coming back from the dead, and so on, are all myths until proven otherwise. Other than invoking the supernatural, no one can even speculate how these things are possible. Until someone produces evidence these things happened or how they possibly could have happened, they will remain in the realm of fiction, like Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, and so on. Once again, citing the Bible is not evidence. Things are not true simply because someone says they are and no none can prove them false.

Traveling into outer space was fiction until it actually happened. There are several differences between traveling in outer space and the stories in the Bible. We knew on one had traveled into outer space. Any who claimed to have done so would have to provide proof. In addition, we knew what it would take to go into outer space. The science was available for decades, but we had to wait for the willpower to do it, and the engineering to catch up.
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