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I'm a little late to this party.

If you see me in public you would never suspect that I carry, or that I'm even aware there are other people around me. My wife says that I look single minded and focused on what I'm doing. My supervisor at work swore I was oblivious to everything going on around me when we first worked together, now she knows better. I just seem to give off an air that I'm not paying attention. Conversations with people who don't know me can be awkward.

It's actually caused me trouble my whole life, I've tried to learn to appear more engaged but it just doesn't work. The hell of it is I can usually tell you who is in my "zone" (varies with situation) and what they're doing, what they're wearing and a general description, and repeat the conversation we were having that you didn't think I was paying attention to.

I think the reason that I'm so observant is that I'm very easy to startle. Ever since I can remember I've been one of those jumpy people that everyone thinks is so funny, you know the ones, ya sneak up on them and whisper "Boo" from ten feet behind them and they jump like you stuck a cattle prod in their backside? Yeah, thats me. What everyone else finds so amusing I hate with a passion. It happened so often that I just learned how to observe my surroundings, place myself where I can't be snuck up on from behind, or at least scan my blind spots to avoid the adrenaline dump and the fight or flight reaction I have to it. And I've been doing it for so long that (I'm told) I actually look like I'm completely in condition white. It still happens, couple of guys at work think its the height of humor to lay in wait for me, just to see me have a heart attack. Although they have learned to be out of arms reach when they do it.

If you add that to how I dress, which most here would say "SLOB", I like sweatpants, their comfortable and I can move in them, I also like plain t-shirts in dark colors. My idea of playing dress up is 501's, and a solid color button up shirt with c'boy boots. I can make a G17 disappear. In the summer I have a Kangaroo shoulder rig, a MS VMII and a belly band for carry, in the winter I have all those plus a DeSantis shoulder rig that disappears in my heavy Columbia coat. Although I'm looking to replace that with an Under Taker from High Noon.

I actually think I may be a bit too "grey".

Ironically, the place where I would look like I am carrying is the one place I cannot. Our uniform consists of a Polo and black pants, and I found the ones that work best for me are the 5.11 covert khakis, add that to the Danner boots and the radio with the shoulder mic and I look like a regular mall ninja!!!
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