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Originally Posted by Bill Lumberg View Post
Galco set the standard for shoulder rigs. The MC is best, but the MCII and Jackass are excellent as well. Uncle Mike's Pro Pac shoulder rig is the worst excuse for a shoulder rig I have ever encountered, and I've tried a bunch. Shoulder rigs are rarely a go-to holster except in cold climates, or when doing a great deal of driving. The most common mistake by folks new to shoulder rigs is to adjust the rig (or fail to adjust the rig) so that the gun is closer to the belt than the armpit. As high into the armpit as is comfortable is the proper adjustment, lending to greater stability, concealment, and reduction of sway or travel of the harness when the user bends over or to the side. Unless you want your shoulder rig to also function as suspenders, tie downs are normally not necessary. The VHS is a great galco product as well.
I'm glad someone said that tie downs weren't entirely necessary. I've been told time and time again GET TIE DOWNS so its nice to think I have a complete rig on the way to me and I dont need to go back, buy tie downs, wait 3-5 days, then have a complete holster, hah.
Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?
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