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Well, this week's lifting has been kinda crappy. I don't remember all the numbers, but I got 320x4 for squat and 170x4 on bench on teusday. I'm a tad overtrained at this point due to poor nutrition this week, which is partially my fault and partially because I worked a lot of overtime this week. christmas season business, ya know.

I'll be taking roughly the next week off as I'll be headed to the parents for christmas. I plan to eat as much as I can, I've decided to bulk to 190 and then maybe cut a couple lbs.

I'm also thinking about switching back to the starting strength model, but the "advanced novice" version with a lighter wednesday. I'd also like to throw some Oly lifting in just for fun.

Tonight was supposed to be volume night, but I said screw it, I had a crappy week and I'm doing what I want. 3x3 squat with 315. pullups, curls... And I also tried some power snatches. I managed to get 115, which I suppose is ok for never having done a snatch before. anyways... I'll check in next week sometime, and I'd love to hear thoughts/advice on switching back to SS and gaining weight.
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