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Originally Posted by Clay1 View Post
I did it again today and don't know why I don't just learn my lesson.

Background: I live across from a school. Kids were drinking and breaking bottles against the shool and I wasn't sure what other vandalism they were doing so I called the police. They came to my house about a half hour later. They sat in my living room, asked for my drivers license, asked for my social security number and interviewed me like I was the criminal for about 20 minutes. Never found the kids or responded to that.

Number two: Guy in a wheel chair, no coat, just a T shirt. He comes down the road in a wheel chair in the snow, this is Wis in the winter. He is shivering and is disoriented. I take him in my garage, couldn't get the big guy up the stairs, give him a hot cup of coffee, call the cops. Again it is all about me. Driver's license, soc number, etc, etc. I asked the guy if he needed my finger prints for caring about the old guy and not letting him die of exposure.

Today, I am in a strip mall infront of a drug store picking up a perscription. Guy pulls into a handicap stall. My Mom has a handicap sticker. I tell him if he leaves it there I will call the cops. He walks up to the door and sees me on the phone then turns around and moves his car, I hang up. This all happened very quickly. I get a call back from the dispatcher asking me if I am OK. I tell her why I called. She says that they have to physically see me to make sure that I am OK. I said that I was within two blocks of the police department and there would be no reason to dispatch an officer for this that I would stop by. She says no problem. I go check in like I told the dispactcher that I would. 10 minutes later she says the cops are still too busy to see me. I say no problem, but I don't have time for this I am leaving.

Now I am waiting for an officer to show up at my door and grill me for 1/2 hr. Why do I care about other people. Why don't I just mind my own business. I told the last cop about the school that I didn't care if the damn thing burned down, I wouldn't call them again if I am treated this way and I went ahead and did it again today. What's wrong with me?
You care,that's who you are. No one said the right thing is the easy thing. My wife and I just had this discussion, and she said "do you want to just not care anymore", my response was, you either care or you don't,it's not a decision you make it's just who you are.
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