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I just purchased my third Cz Wednesday. I originally went to the GS to buy ammo and look at the madness going on and came home with a PO-1. I took it to the range yesterday along with my only glock (G26). Now even though I'm not a big fan of glock pistols I do shoot it very well or at least as these old wyes will let me.Those CZ's though are just so nice that I shoot them better then any other pistol I own.
I put another 30 flawless rounds through the 26 and 100+ flawless rounds through the PO-1. I just love the feel of all steel/alloy CZ pistols. I would not be suprised to hear one day that some of those Glocks were sold to buy a few more CZ's. It's been know to happen in the past. Congrats on buying a great pistol.
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