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Originally Posted by dkf View Post
SARDG knows what the libs mean. I think she is just tired of hearing the same wrong descriptions over the last week, as am I.

Calling a magazine a "clip" is like calling a revolver a pistol.
Yes that's true, we have exchanged PM's so I know she
is a well informed shooter.

Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
SO you want to believe a self serving liberal? Really? Trust me, they will go for as much as they can get this time. They have emotion on their side & that turns a lot of female voters heads.
You make a good point.

Originally Posted by dougader View Post
You can read a few more stories on a few more sites and find that she really wants them all gone, now. She might not get that, but let me tell you (having worked in a democratic Senator's office), I have seen their notes in the margins of proposed bills and what they want is a complete ban on anything and everything as it relates to firearms.

This is no secret, the information has been out there for decades. They water it down for the press - sometimes - but their goal is to have a complete ban on firearm possession by civilians.
I believe that. I guess all we can do is contact our rep's
& senators to voice our opinions. Join the NRA if you're
not a member.

On a side note I like the "ignore feature" the forum has.
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