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Originally Posted by SoldMyHat View Post
So, a majority of the debate in 9mm vs 45acp comes to capacity vs power. I know there are other arguments, but that's what I hear the most. So my question is, if a 10 round magazine limit is instated, will you switch to 40sw or 45acp or stay with 9mm in handguns that can hold 10 in either caliber?

I am kind of leaning that, if I can only have 10, I might as well have the biggest 10 I can.
no... you may want to do some caliber research. .45 has no more "power" than a 9mm. About the only advantage .45 has is if the HP doesn't open up you get about 1.5mm extra over the 9. There really isn't a reason to ever carry .45 over 9mm unless you are restricted to FMJ ammo.
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