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Originally Posted by faawrenchbndr View Post
What do you think of the Froglube?
sorry, been a while before i could revisit the thread. the froglube seems to work as advertised. i am up to 650rds without cleaning. the only thing i noticed is that unlike clp, if something has a light rust on it, the froglube will not remove it. i need to find out a little more about this and about fireclean as well. here is a recent (as in a couple days ago) pic.

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i added a wilson combat 64G 18lb spring/flgr/shok buff kit, removed the series 80 parts, and added a kimber two hole trigger with take-up tabs. i only wanted an 18-20lb recoil spring but the kit was all that was in stock at the gun shop. it will disassemble with a bushing wrench or by using a baseplate to press the plug down so it is not a big deal to field strip.

broke the baseplate on the wc mag in the lower left during a mag change and it hit the concrete. good thing i have an extra or two.

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