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When I got my first Glock in 2001 and the Klinton ban was on, bigger was better in my mind since 10 was all you could have. I didn't know a hill of beans about HP bullets then. So, I went and got a G-30. Now I primarily range use and carry 9mm. with Speer 124gr. +P Gold Dot's. If the ban comes back, I'm sticking with 9mm. for controlability and the effectiveness of said Gold Dot's. I can live with ten round mags loaded with SGD's all day in 9mm.- However....if that dummy Biden and his merry band of know nothing's somehow manage to get HP's banned because they convince a majority of know nothing dunces that HP's are inhumane, then I'm back on the .45 ball because of the over penetration aspects of 9mm. FMJ. On the bright side though, if HP's get banned, I just wandered into a whole mess more of 9mm. range ammo.
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