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Originally Posted by firstg19 View Post
really? I didnt think it was that good of a deal: 399 + ~23 shipping + $25 FFL fee = almost 450 bucks for a used glock with only 1 magazine and no box. ....
Look around!

Not long ago the local Cop Shop had G22's for $329 for Gen 2's and $349 for Gen 3's.
$2 for the Brady Harrassment and 5% sales tax. That's it!
It came with the box, 3 mags and the paperwork.

I grabbed a Gen 3 and took it to the next GSSF outdoor shoot. The factory armorer replaced the RSA to be sure it was OK then gave me the old one to hold for a spare.

I later purchased a G31 barrel to shoot my favorite carry cartridge (357Sig) and it has been 100%. I would add a 9mm barrel if I didn't own several 9mm pistols already.

In my opinion, this is the very best way to purchase a Glock.

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