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Originally Posted by storm2844 View Post
Hi i have a question i have a new gen3 g20 (completely stock) i went to the range the other day with some reloads
180g xtp's
9.2g longshot
Win brass
Wlp primers
They were moving at 1340fps through my crony 9.4g longshot gave about the same. 9.2 had no over pressure signs at all 9.4 had some scratches on the case and burr on the head were the extractor goes.
Does this velocity sound right to you guys? Overpressure?
I checked my chony with a known load and all was good.
I used 9.3gr with a CCI#300 primer and a 1.255" OAL and got around 1250fps with the stock barrel and a 22lb spring. So, you're definitely hotter with the WLP's and your lot of Longshot. You didn't mention your OAL, so that could have an effect on the velocity/pressure. The ejector burrs are normal when you've reached full power. I agree with what Taterhead said, I think it has more to do with slide velocity from hot loads than anything else.

Personally, I wouldn't go any higher with your lot of Longshot, since you are getting excellent performance where you are at. You may have to back off a little if you start seeing Glocksmiles.

I measure pressure using case head expansion. My somewhat arbitrary case head expansion limit standard had me stop at 1295fps from the stock G20 barrel, but with CCI#300 primers and my lot of Longshot. The powder charge was higher than yours.
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