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Gun confiscation!!!

Okay, I see the mad rush at all the lgs to purchase ar's ak's ammo,mags, etc etc.How many would participate in a mandatory buy back? Now im reaching but,,, lets say the fed decides to "confiscate" firearms on a ban list, how would they go about it??? UN, our troops, local pd, atf,dhs,fbi???? Who in all honestly would comply? Lets start with local pd's, do we really think that they would do a door to door? Would they say oh, hell no were not doing that, would it depend on which state? Would the fed flood the country with agents? I will say I believe if the "UN" comes in then we have a very big problem, foreign troops on American soil, participating in something that is in direct violation of the U.S. constitution.
I just wonder how far this could go. Is it just alot of political talk to make it sound like they are trying to please their constituants? Will the awb of the 90's just be reintroduced? Where what is out there already is grandfathered? I wonder if anything will even come of this as it might just be left up to the states to decide.
Sorry for the long rant, im off this week, its raining out and im just bored, so lets hear it?
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