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Originally Posted by JMag View Post
Critical thinking these days demands the recognition that Christians are NOT the enemy regardless of your beliefs. BTW, everyone believes in something.


Well now. That didn't go too well, did it?

Face it. There are plenty on this forum that are against your religion. For those that have a legitimate beef against Christianity, that is to be expected (i.e. boys molested by priests, gays that are pissed about not being accepted etc...).

There seems to be quite a few of those fellows on this forum.

For most of my life, I have been foremost an American. I gave of myself, risked everything, and served my country. Now, I am foremost a father to my children and a husband to my wife. A very close second is that I am a good friend to my friends.

I can't tell you whether there is or is not a god. I can tell you that plenty of people are absolutely that one god or another exists, and that many others are absolutely sure that no god exists.

There are a lot of different beliefs out there. Which one is right, none of us knows for sure, even though a lot of people have faith that they know what is correct in the universe.

I do not see modern day christians or jews as enemies. Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, and many others are also not enemies. They have their quirks, but none of them has, as a matter of dogma, meant me harm.

Muslims? That is another thing entirely. But that is a long and entirely different subject that is not on topic for this thread.

Christians are not my enemy, because I am agnostic. Atheists and muslims are the enemies of Christianity for their own reasons. Muslims are enemies of all nations and countries that are not islamic, as part of their dogma.

If you came here to make friends, you came to the wrong place. While I have no problem with your post, you came as a rabbit comes to a vipers pit when you came here to say that.

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