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Originally Posted by blastfact View Post
Thank God I can hit a 1' sq. box at 100 yards with Rem Sluggers out of my cheap Mossy 20" off bead standing.

Best get those over rated sights dialed in on a tacticool shoty.

Good Luck
Your shotgun doesn't change POI for different types of ammo? Slugs, buckshot, and birdshot are all zero'd together? Not very likely. Put a scope or red dot on there and try it again. Hard to tell how "off" you are with a single bead. Not to mention shooting seated vs standing, twisting to one side or another, shooting weak handed, and not having your eye properly aligned with the bead like you can do on the trap range. With a red dot none of that matters, the shot hits where the red dot shows.

Anyways, a lot of turkey/predator hunters want a shotgun threaded for choke tubes and with a rail for red dot/optics. It's cheaper to buy the "Tactical" model from the factory the way you want it than add the parts and pay a gunsmith to drill/tap the rail. Yes the breacher choke is dumb, I threw mine in the trash and installed a custom extra full choke for hunting.

Oh, and if a single bead is a superior close range sighting system, why don't swat etc entry teams use a single bead on their MP5s, ARs, G36s, and Glocks?
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