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Originally Posted by reflex264 View Post
I let several shooters including some newbees shoot it Saturday. even a 14 year girl that has never shot a handgun did pretty good with it. Now that all is working like it is supposed to the gun kicks like a .380. It is very easy to control and everyone just pics it up and shoots it good. I showed it to a deputy and he wants to modify his 21 now. Very worth while project. Another gent that has seen it want the sights done on his and the trigger work. All in all a great gun.
Great! I'm taking my .460 hunting to the woods tomorrow. I found a place in Ala. that makes gas checks for 10mm and .45 ACP dia. bullets. Just ordered some. Sage Outdoors is the name of it.
Now, I can drive my homegrown hardcast bullets alot higher fps, this will come in handy with my .460 cast rounds.
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