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Originally Posted by wk9k View Post
I bought a CM9 not too long ago brand new. I had one little malfuntion out of the couple hundred rds i put in it. I really like it. Ive had a PM9 before that had feed problems sometimes on the 3rd-4th round. But my CM9 just keeps shooting. I believe if u do get one you either get a lemon or a good one. could possibly be a mag problem though and not the pistol. So before I blamed the pistol I would try a different mag...
I have heard of folks having mag problems with the polymer guns.
Particularly the extended mags.
If you get one and do have a problem following break in?
Look there.

My personal Kahr is their top of the line MK40 Elite.
Slide, barrel, frame and mags are all stainless steel.
One 5 round and two extended 6 round mags
have never been a problem for me.

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