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Originally Posted by jdavionic View Post
I don't see confiscation being a viable nationwide option. The amount of resources required would be well beyond what I believe we (as a nation) are capable of, especially when you think that it would not be wise to send just 1 LE person to each residence.

If retroactive, I would expect the law would require you to turn them in or risk a significant fine & or jail. Then, you'd be unable to use them at the range, be in trouble if you possessed one in a traffic stop or some other unrelated encounter with LE, etc. Basically they would work to purge them from being in the hands of citizens by intimidation and attrition.
Originally Posted by jdavionic View Post
Yep...if you are caught hunting with one, you get in trouble. If you use one in self defense, you get in trouble.
Originally Posted by jdavionic View Post
They don't have the resources and there is no need to add the resources. They are working to criminalize those who own them by forcing you to register each one and pay money to retain the ownership. Combine this tactic with ammunition restrictions, and they are working to make ownership as difficult as possible.

There's no need to bang on doors. There are much more cost effective and safer ways to accomplish the same goal - impose further restrictions on our rights.
All of the above statements are absolutely correct! This is exactly how its going to be done...Not by door to door confiscation.
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