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Originally Posted by barth View Post
My gun started locking back the slide prematurely due to that part being bent. I replaced it. Am more careful with assembly.
And the problem has been permanently solved.
It's the spring right at the slide release hole in the frame.
I just pulled the part number from the Kahr web.

Do you have a MK40 or a K40???

OK, now I'm getting mad - LOL!
029M4E is a screw not a spring?!?!? holy crap man

Kahr 029M4E Slide Release Lever Screw
Slide Release Lever Spring Screw

Kahr 028M4S Slide Release Lever Spring

My screw takes a torx though, and my gun is a few years old.
But I'm 99.99 percent sure that's the problem.
I also I'm not at all confident you can just visually look at it
and tell it's bent either. Or that your even looking at the right spring.

The part I'm suggesting costs a whopping $6.60 plus shipping.
Why are you still arguing with me and not fixing your gun?
What do you have to loose?
A McRib?

Please view video.
And take special care at the assembly point where the slide stop pin is inserted.
There is a discussion about the slide stop spring.
As well as a clear view of where it is and what it looks like.

The break in and assembly are Kahr weak points - IMHO.
Get by them and you will have a fine gun.
Good Luck

Thanks for your suggestion. I want to go to the range first and verify that I am not the cause of the problem, because my grip is changing and I am not aware of it.

I do have a problem replacing parts on a brand new gun, but, if my grips is fine this is what I will try next. I will need to buy smaller Torax screwdrivers because my smallest is T10 and it is too big.

I am confused a little on the parts, because the parts list in the manual disagrees with the parts list on line.

In the manual, for the MK40, the slidestop is listed as part 28, the slide stop spring is listed as part 29 and the slide stop spring screw is listed as part 30, this is different than online.

I will have to call Kahr to clarify why the online parts numbers disagree with the manual
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