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For some reason my mind keeps switching Bucksnort1959 with Gecko45...must be dickslexia....

On topic: I am not a lawyer, nor a cop, but to my layperson way of thinking it breaks down to this....

You gave the police all they needed to pull you over by speeding, looks like that one is on you.

On top of that you had a few drinks, again your decision.

And prior to this you made the decision to carry after having imbibed alcohol, yet another personal choice.

What are your state's laws concerning alcohol and concealed carry? And if you don't know them, why not?

Three less than optimal choices on one road trip. We all make mistakes, but it looks like you were trying to fill your punchcard all at once. Did I miss any extenuating or mitigating circumstances? not excuses, everyone has those.

I yearn for the day that people start taking responsibility for their cock ups and quit playing victim. Until then I leave you with a quote from a wise man....

"Stop breaking the law, *******!!!"
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