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Originally Posted by inertia186 View Post
So you're saying there might have been bondservants (slavery by way of economic circumstances) as well as chattel slaves (slavery by way of military conquest) in the ancient world?
No, I'm not saying that at all. In fact, I said the exact opposite of that:
Originally Posted by Animal Mother View Post
It is true that some slaves became enslaved as a result of debts, but that was hardly the only route to slavery. Read Caesar's The Gallic Wars, he enslaved entire towns and tribes, the Veneti for example.
On the other hand, you did claim that there weren't slave markets in the ancient world comparable to those in America:
Originally Posted by inertia186 View Post
Correct, they were not sold in the same way.

American slave markets did not have any notion of the debt owed by the slave. There was no limit of any kind associated with the slave as related by the debt they owed. They could never pay off their debt because it wasn't based on any debt obligation.
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